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Meme - day eight

Day eight - what's in your handbag?

Well, I don't have a handbag as such. In fact, back when I started doing this meme I didn't have any permanent bag, I just used Tesco carrier bags to carry stuff around in. However, they kept disintegrating with tedious regularity, so a few weeks back - on the day of Sarah's graduation, in fact - I picked up a rather handy satchel sort of thing for £1:50 from the Peace Hospice charity shop in Chorleywood, which so far hasn't let me down. Given that other people doing this meme have posted a picture of both bag and contents, I might do the same, but right now I can't be bothered. And anyway, it's downstairs and I'm not.

Anyhew, what's in it? My iPad Mini; chargers for my iPhone and iPad Mini; headphones; whichever book I'm reading at the moment (which right now is The House at the End of the World by Madeleine Marsh. Dead good it is too.); a tupperware box to take my packed lunch to work in; a bottle of salad cream to accompany my packed lunch at work; my pills (Citalopram, Metformin, and some multi-vitamins) and on a permanent basis, that's it. Depending on whether it will fit, I'll sometimes put a bottle of water, but right now I'm drinking from a two litre bottle which won't fit; sometimes when I leave the house in the morning, I might bung a couple of CDs in there to listen to in the car; oh, and also right now there's a can of this that I haven't drunk, but I had another can of it over the weekend and it seems to do the job in terms of perking me up so I'm saving it for whenever I feel really really knackered.

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