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In which the ongoing work situation...

...seems to have been put on a rack and stretched almost as far as it'll possibly go.

We've had an email earlier today to say that, as an organisation, we'll be ceasing to be from the end of March. Although there is the possibility of individuals within the organisation being re-distributed elsewhere within the wider organisation (sorry to be so vague, but once I mentioned the actual name of the actual organisation for which I work on LJ and got a bit of a knuckle-rapping for it...anyone who actually knows the name of the organisation will hopefully have a rough idea what I mean, though!).

On the other hand, I got a call from my line manager a little while ago to say it looks like our redundancy - which has already been deferred in my case from June to the end of September to the end of November - may end up being deferred to the end of January. Which I'm - having clarified a couple of things - happy to accept, because hey, it means I've got a job at Christmas. And with any luck, if we get another couple of months through to the end of March, I'll have passed my 11 years service* and thus get another month's redundancy pay when we reach the bitter end. Which is nothing to sniff at...

*You get less for murder. And the aircon is probably better in prison...

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