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More meme time...

12 - What's inside your fridge?
Erm. Food. Bread, cheese, marge (or nearest equivalent), milk, some mackerel, tomatoes (cherry and regular), Tesco pre-mashed potatoes, Tesco jacket potatoes with grated cheese...probably some other stuff I've forgotten, but that's about the norm.

13 - What's your earliest memory?
My earliest clear memory - and I've told this anecdote so many times that there's a danger that I remember my telling of it rather than the memory itself, so it may be a bit unreliable, but anyway - involves my sister and I at the family meal table. I think my stepdad's parents may have been visiting us, but I'm not sure about that. We were both begging to be excused from the meal table so that we could go to the lounge and watch that evening's episode of Doctor Who. We were finally excused and made it in there in time to see the ending of episode 1 of The Ark in Space - the bit where the Doctor (or is it Harry?) opens the door and the Wirrn falls out on him. Cue credits. I could, if I fancied, go and look up what date that was (around January 25th 1975?). I'd have been about five years old.

14 - If you won the lottery...
I don't know. I mean, I don't play it anyway, so it's a bit academic, but...I'd pay off my debts, treat Sarah and myself and the rest of my family to holidays (plural simply because we wouldn't necessarily all want to go to the same place together) and more than that, I don't know. I suspect that if I were working, I wouldn't leave, although if I weren't I wouldn't necessarily be too desperately mad to find something new. Might buy myself a couple of synthesisers and an iMac.
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