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Diary - 20131103

Today was quite a busy day. Enjoyable, but busy. Sarah and I started stirring about 8:30am, although we ended up not leaving until 10:00am. Sarah was projecting for the morning service, but I was just yer average punter, with Andrew playing the keyboard, with his usual flourishes and touches. (Although I still prefer my programmed version of Teach me to dance…) As we were coming out of the 24-hours of prayer, it was very much a time of reflection on what we, as a community, have gained from that, as well as pointing the way forward. Vindra preached on Acts 2:37 – 47, particularly verse 42 (which, as I’d prayed through that yesterday afternoon, I was rather interested in hearing what she had to say). Essentially, she said that the four things the church devoted themselves to – the apostles’ teaching, fellowship, breaking bread and prayer – are the four things that are essential to growing a church. Pleasantly forward looking, IMO!

There was a communion as part of the service (which, as I may have said before, I always love being part of), but that meant that once Sarah had packed up the projection gear we couldn’t really afford to hang around – I’d checked the train times for getting into London, and the 12:10pm from Euston was going to be just perfect. The next one would have been considerably less so. Fortunately we made it in ample time, and following a speedy change at Euston we made it go North Greenwich with a good quarter of an hour to kill before the film started, so we met up with kharma2815 and took our seats. It’s the first time I’d been to the cinema at the Dome, but I have to say it’s not a bad place – as Emma said, the seats are pleasantly roomy.

The film (we were seeing Thor: The Dark WorldThor a few weeks back, because that definitely helped out with setting the scene. The characters (well, the protagonists...and even *ahem* one of the antagonists) were likeable and well-defined and acted, the action was exciting, there was a good dose of humour, Christopher Eccleston was recognizable as Malekith, Zachary Levi was unrecognizable (as in, I only knew it was him because it said so in the end credits), the big epic set pieces were impressive (Greenwich Naval College has definitely seen better days) whilst the smaller character stuff was well handled too. All in all, an enjoyable film – what’s not to love? Although admittedly there were bits that reminded me of Doctor WhoThe Christmas Invasion, the monsters were a bit Cyberman-ish (something Emma also picked up on), and there were other bits that put me in mind of Revenge of the Sith. But all in a good way. Unlike just about everyone else, we stayed right until the very end and were rewarded with a post-credits sequence. There'd already been a mid-credits sequence, which I think wrong-footed everyone else...

Oh, yes, speaking of Greenwich, there seemed to be a little ripple of appreciation at the revelation that the centre of things was going to be in Greenwich (bearing in mind where the O2 Dome is). Also, I've decided that next time I see the film, I'm going to try to do so as near to the Naval Academy as possible. Just for the sheer LOLZ of it.

Afterwards, we had lunch/dinner at the nearby TGI’s, before heading our separate ways – Emma back to her place, Sarah back to ours, and me – after a bit of a wobble which involved me seriously thinking of going back home and passing on tonight, during which wobble I joined Sarah to Euston to say goodbye to her – to the Theatre Royal Drury Lane. Not somewhere I’ve ever been before, although I recognized the general area near Covent Garden station from blazingskies and I going there with her friend before seeing Hamlet. a few years ago. By the time I got to Covent Garden it was chucking it down, which was annoying even though I had brought my coat with me. I used my Google Maps app to find my way to the theatre. It wasn’t as accurate as I’d hoped, but knowing that the theatre’s main job was as the venue for the Sam Mendes production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory made it a bit obvious when I got there!

The show was entertaining, although rather lengthy – basically we were in for a recording of two episodes, each of which will be half an hour in length, but the recording for each episode took a good hour each. The first one including a lengthy riff on Pointless (called Useless), which featured Richard Osman as a special guess. I suspect that if/when the show overruns it’ll be the first thing to be cut, because it seemed hopelessly overlong and not very funny (apart from Richard – scripted – telling Jack Dee how much better Xander is at everything...the slash just writes itself...). It didn’t help that I was sitting so far back that a lot of the time the audience noise (as in applause and cheers) drowned some of what the time and/or Jack was saying. Obviously, it’ll be easier to hear in the mixed and edited programme.

After the show, I decided to pop round to the stage door on the offchance. I got to say hi to Victoria Wood, who was the guest panelist, and also she was kind enough to pose for a photo with me, as well as signing the first thing I had to hand, which was the back of my e-ticket. Because of the availability of people at the time, the photo was taken by Graeme Garden. Which was pleasant, if delightfully surreal! :-)

After that, back home – the trudge in the rain back to Covent Garden station was made seemingly briefer by it being more familiar this time round, and the tubes were pretty much empty at this time of night as I made my way up to Euston. Then it was a wait for the mainline train up to Hemel.

By the time I got back to Hemel it was late (gone midnight), I was tired, and it was chucking it down there too. I had given serious thought to leaving the car in the car park, but we’ll need it in the morning, so rather reluctantly I drove home and then fell into bed. It was very much one of those “this bed has never been so welcoming” moments!
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