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Plans for the next few days...

It is just possible that anyone who is not a Doctor Who fan may find me somewhat unbearable over the next few days. Earlier today, I re-listened to the Big Finish audio 1963 - Fanfare for the Common Men, which in hindsight, it occurred to me, is kind of ideal for this anniversary weekend as it's got the neat little tie-in with the group whose single Susan listens to in the first episode.

My plans include:

Watch Doctor Who: Origins, the documentary from The Beginning DVD boxed set about the creation of the series.

Watch An Adventure in Space and Time, the BBC2 docu-drama about the creation of the series. I've not seen it, but folks I know who were at the press screening a couple of weeks back have raved about it.

Listen to The Beginning, the Big Finish Companion Chronicles audio about the Doctor and Susan leaving Gallifrey.

Watch the edited version of the Pilot episode, also from The Beginning DVD boxed set.

Time permitting, watch The Name of the Doctor, for vaguely obvious reasons.

Saturday November 23rd:
Be at the Doctor Who 50th Celebration at Excel Docklands. Cravat willing, cosplay as sort of generic Doctor (with shades of the first and eighth).

Watch The Day of the Doctor at the Vue cinema at Westfield Stratford. Squee a lot. Unless it's rubbish, in which case moan and whinge on the forums.

Watch An Unearthly Child episode 1, the start of my intended episode-a-day rewatch (including listening to the missing episodes on CD). I've started this three times now, but hopefully this will actually reach the end of the series. At some point.

Annual post to Livejournal to wish Doctor Who a happy birthday.

Rest. Watch An Unearthly Child episode 2. Tidy the house.

Back to something approaching normality.

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