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Sometimes, the silliness is too good not to share...

Like, I imagine, most people, I get a fair deal of spam mail. Most of it, gmail is good enough to shove into my spam mail folder where it lies unnoticed until automatically deleted after a month or so. Although occasionally, legitimate mail gets sent there too, so I periodically browse it just to check.

Occasionally, I notice some rather bizarre junk mail. Take, for instance, the one that promises me "intergalactic 3D action". According to the contents of the email, I can expect "Noteworthy alien babes from all over the universe" and "Banging 3D scenes featuring alien creatures that know how to have fun." ^_^ Whew. I don't know how I managed so long without that in my life. Seriously...I'm fairly broadminded, but I draw the line at, or indeed some way before, alien/human sexual liaison things...*

On which note, another spam mail recently informed me that "Cialis haass the powwwer to wake up yourr penis". It's just the duplication of the letter "s" really, but man alive, I thought for a moment that I was getting junk mail from the Ice Warriors...

*Well, it depends on the alien. I doubt I'd say no to Romana. *ahem*

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