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Organised and efficient we are clearly not...

...so, that thing laughingly called an "organisation" for which I work?

One of the sites (we'll call it site B) has had for it, despite not having closed down yet, a postal redirection set up for it (by someone who is on the Decommissioning Team, but is not actually based at site B). All its incoming mail gets redirected to, as it happens, the site at which I work, we'll call it site M. Accordingly, I am now in receipt of some mail that should have gone to a couple of my colleagues who are based at site B.

I could send it back to them. But they won't receive it because, natch, it will be redirected back to me.

I'm hoping that Mr Decommissioning Team Member can understand, when m'colleague explains it to him, why this is a wee bit of a problemeroonie...

In other news, man, Pet Shop Boys know how do to do EPIC.

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