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...has not been a desperately great day here at chez Brider. huntingospray has been feeling sick and a bit feverish for most of the day, whilst I've been in bed with a headache at the same time. Now I'm starting to feel a bit sick, although I'm hoping it's actually just that sort of hunger-induced nausea rather than actual sickness. Plans for a day spent generally tidying the house have fallen to nought. To make matters worse, I'm playing and Sarah's projecting for tomorrow's morning service. I still need to practice the hymns, and I also need to pop down to the church to pick up the laptop so Sarah can enter the service.

Dayfail, to put it bluntly.

On the bright side, my copies of Justyce Served and the Radio Neverwhere arrived in the post this morning (I've also got this less-than-strictly-legit-but-there's-no-strictly-legit-way-of-getting-hold-of-them-now-anyway DVD-R of the complete Audio-Visuals on order, and on a whim in Tesco I picked up Alan Partridge - Alpha Papa on the basis that I fancy a laugh right now.

Thanks to those who commented either here or on Facebook with advice about Letting Go of Stuff. I hope to put some of it into practice. Much appreciated. :-)
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