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The Black Riders are abroad...

...well, not actually abroad. They don’t like the food and you just can’t trust the waiter and the Istari always hog the deckchairs.

Anyway. Yes. Reappropriated Pratchett jokes aside...

For the past couple of months or so, my drive into work and back has been accompanied not by music but, for the most part, by spoken word. Audiobooks. Drama. Mainly Big Finish's Doctor Who main range, which I decided that seeing as I've decided to collect them, actually listening to them makes a lot of sense. I've finally, with some interruptions along the way, reached play number 19, Minuet in Hell, and as that's the last play in the first clutch of Paul McGann plays, I decided that would be an opportunity for a couple of diversions. The diversions kicked off last week with the recent radio adaptation of Neverwhere (the first time I'd properly listened to it - very enjoyable, a wonderful adaptation of the book, and an excellent cast).

And now...I've started on The Lord of the Rings. Yes, the 1981 BBC radio adaptation, as wonderfully adapted by Brian Sibley (well, him and Michael Bakewell). I was given it as a Christmas present about 10 years ago, around the time Peter Jackson's films were first in the cinemas. I've sort of tried to listen to it several times since then, but have tended to stumble around the point they get to Galadriel. I'm not sure quite why she's had that effect on me, but anyway. I'm sure she won't take it personally. This time, I'm determined, though - I will make it to the end. I've discovered that, although I have in the past tried listening to audiobooks on my headphones at work, work itself is a bit too much of a distraction, which doesn't help, whereas on a drive I seem to be able to focus pretty well on both the driving and the listening to a story thing. So hopefully this time I'll make it. It's about 45 minutes or so each way (more depending on which route I take and how snarly the traffic is), which means I can through an episode and a half on a good day.

On which note...we're just ten minutes into the fourth of the hour-long episodes, and they've not long left Rivendell. Which seems remarkably slow going, considering the first of Jackson's films (in its original theatrical release) clocked in at under three hours and took in all of the The Fellowship of the Ring...but then I suppose the radio version is 13 hours in total, compared to about 9 hours or so for the films.

(By the way, if you ever get a chance to buy or listen to this, don't. Sarah has a copy. It really is a gruelling experience. It can be summed up quite simply: it's got Tom Bombadil in it.)

Now, my precious...

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