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...it would appear to be final, official, no last minute reprieves this time - the last day for myself and my team will be Friday 31st January. After that we are officially redundant. We've known this was coming for a long time, we've had it deferred on and off since last June, we've had enough time to prepare for it...

My plans for the time being involve taking the couple of weeks immediately afterwards off. Treating myself to a bit of a rest. First thing I'll be doing will be popping up to Glasgow - well, technically a bit outside Glasgow, in Ayrshire - amongst other things seeing a couple of friends of mine. Hopefully staying at this hotel, where I stayed where I was seeing them last time (ferrying up a computer that Sarah had built for them). Plan is that that'll take me from Monday 3rd February through to Saturday 8th.

After that, I had planned to head back home, and then head out to Wales, possibly Cardiff, but as I'm having difficulty finding anywhere that I really fancy staying at, I've decided instead that I might go to the Lake District, staying at these holiday cottages where Sarah and I stayed when we were there a few years ago.

In both Ayrshire and the Lakes, I plan fundamentally to relax a bit, take some nice long walks in the country, do a fair bit of reading, possibly a fair bit of writing (I've finally started putting together a bucket list, and several of the items on it involve writing novels - I have about half a dozen ideas for novels, and if I can't at least get one of them written down in full this year I shall be Very Very Annoyed), and just generally relaxing.

Then, back home, sign on, go down to the employment agencies (I'm hoping Office Angels will be good to me - they have been in the past), and start scouring the job ads in the local paper. Ideally, I'd like something reasonably local (I don't really fancy commuting again, and frankly it'll save petrol money if I don't have to), and quite frankly I'd settle for stacking shelves at the local Tesco if it'd keep me off the street...but, we'll see what happens.

Before all that, I hope to go to this next weekend...I'm generally hoping, money and time willing, to go to a few conventions this year, mainly the small scale Doctor Who conventions. This one seems like a good start.

Would appreciate support, whatever form that takes - prayers, good vibes, just knowing that folks are thinking of me, little LJ gifts (!); I don't consciously do stress, but I suspect that over the next few weeks as the reality hits, it might start getting to me. I've not been unemployed since...well, early 2001, properly, so whatever else happens, this is going to be mighty strange.

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