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Oh, fiddlesticks and flapdoodle...

So...it's just been announced on Twitter that Benedict Cumberbatch will be guesting at Elementary, Starfury's Sherlock Holmes-centred convention over the weekend of February 7th - 9th.

And I'm...in two minds...I'd like to go, I enjoy Sherlock - and despite being ostensibly about all of Sherlock Holmes, all the announced guests are connected to the BBC's Sherlock series...which is kind of useful, as I've read precisely half of a Sherlock Holmes novel in my entire life, and although I follow Elementary the series, I've not (to the best of my memory) seen any other version of Sherlock Holmes, except for possibly an episode or two of the Jeremy Brett Granada series and half an hour of one of the Robert Downey, Jr films...

...in addition to which, it's money. Sarah is subbing me the funds for this little fortnight of leisure, and I'm paying her back when my redundancy comes through...as it stands, there's just a hotel in Ayrshire and a self-catering apartment in the Lakes to cover (not including expenses when I'm there, like food and drink); doing Elementary as well will mean leaving the hotel earlier than intended, and getting to the Lakes later than intended, so less money to spend on both of them, but on the other hand it's a Starfury convention at the Hilton Metropole in Birmingham, so it's not exactly cheap...and there are better things I can be doing with the money, like living off it until I get a job.

But the whole point of this fortnight of GAFIAting is to relax and enjoy myself, and Elementary can certainly be a part of that.

Oh, rabbits, I am conflicted...

Speaking of conventions, this looks interesting. Granted, there's only one of the shows represented, The Bridge, that I watch (although I absolutely adore it, and also both The Killing and Borgen are on my "must get around to watching at some point" list), but some of the previews and panels look interesting, and both the marvellous Sofia Helin and the equally marvellous Kim Bodnia will be there, so...the only debate I'm having on this one is, find a B&B to stay at overnight, or commute into London both days?

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