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Meme, because I'm bored...

Name - David. Quelle surprise...
Birthdate? - December 18th 1969
Current Location? - the lounge.
Eye Color? - Grey blue.
Hair Color? - Light brown.
Weight? - Haven't weighed myself in ages. 20 stone, maybe 21?
Height? - 6'
Piercings? - None
Tattoos? - None
Boyfriend/Girlfriend? - Wife - Sarah, aka huntingospray
Over used phrase? - My all-purpose substitute swear word - "fish". Also "penguin".
Food? - My absolute favourite is my fish soup thing. I've not made it for ages.
Candy? - I shouldn't have any, but at this time of year, Creme Eggs.
Number? - 4. Don't ask me why, but it's always been my favourite number.
Color? - Red. Similar to favourite number, really.
Animal? - Cats.
Drink? - Ribena.
Alcohol? - I don't drink alcohol.
Bagel? - I'm not sure I've ever eaten a bagel...
Favorite Letter? - Erm...none, in particular.
Favorite body part on opposite sex? - Eyes.
Pepsi or coke? - Neither.
McDonalds or Burgerking? - McDonalds, but I'll only have the Filet O Fish. Plain.
Strawberry or watermelon? - Strawberries.
Hot tea or cold tea? - Hot. What's the point of cold tea?
Chocolate or vanilla? - Chocolate.
Kiss or hug? - I like both, but obviously I wouldn't kiss just anyone
Cat or dog? - Cat. I don't mind dogs, but they're just not the same...
Rap or punk? - Neither, but if I had to choose I'd go for punk.
Summer or winter? - It can get way way too hot at summer, so winter.
Scary movies or funny movies? - Funny. I don't like scary too much. Certainly not gory.
Love or Money? - Can't I have both?
Your bedtime? - I used to aim for 10:00pm. Nowadays, erm, whenever...
Most missed memory? - Being at university.
Best physical appearance? - In me or in someone else?
First thought waking up? - Oh no, not another one.
Goal for this year? - Find a job.
Best Friends? - Sarah.
Weakness? - I'm very insecure.
Fears? - Spiders, sharp implements, loneliness, rejection.
Longest relationship? - Sarah and I will be celebrating our tenth anniversary of actually being together this November.
Ever drank? - I went through a brief phase of trying whisky to see if I'd like the taste. I didn't, and am now back to being teetotal.
Ever smoked? - No
Pot? - No
Been beaten up? - I was mugged once.
Kissed opposite sex? - Yes.
Been dumped lately? - Not for a very long time!
Favorite eye color in guy/girl? - I love Sarah's eyes - they're a gorgeous dark brown. They were possibly the first thing about her I fell in love, on the drive back from the Dimensions convention in Stockton-on-Tees,
Favorite hair color? - No real preference.
Short or long hair? - Again, no real preference.
Height? - Ditto.
Looks or personality? - Looks are the immediate draw, but personality is way more important.
Hot or cute? - Both are nice. Mind you, I always call Sarah cute, and I mean it as a compliment, but Sarah doesn't regard it as such.
Drugs or alcohol? - Neither, thanks.
Muscular or skinny? - Me, or someone else? I'm neither.
Number of regrets in past? - A couple.
What country do you want to visit? - Loads. Greece, Turkey, the Netherlands, Canada and France are top of the list at the moment. I'd also like to go back to Egypt and the USA.
How do you want to die? - Peacefully and quietly.
What's your favorite thing to do? - Read books, listen to music or audiobooks, watch TV.
You like thunderstorms? - No - they sometimes give me headaches.
Get along with your parents? - Yes.
Health freak? - No. Maybe I should be.
Think you're attractive? - Sarah thinks so. I think I am reasonably attractive, apart from the whole "could do with losing weight" thing.
Want to go to college? - There are some things I'd like to study. Whether going to college would be appropriate for any of them is another matter.
Do you smoke? - No.
Do you shower daily? - No. Mostly, but not always.
Been in love? - Am right now.
Want to get married? - Also, am right now.
Want to have kids? - Yes.
Hate anyone? - I don't really do "hate". Sadly, there are some people who seem to hate me.
Favorite icecream? - Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough.
Person you can tell anything and everything? - There probably isn't anyone I can or have told everything (unless God counts). Sarah and my mum come close, though.
Like cuddling? - Yes, very much.
Favorite place? - I don't have any one favourite place, to be honest. I guess my bed is where I spend a large amount of time. More interestingly, though, probably somewhere in Egypt - the Valley of the Kings, the temple at Karnak, Abu Simbel... London is also a wonderful city to visit, there's so much in it to see and do. Swanage is our regular holiday destination. I enjoyed the Lake District enough to want to go back there...
Favorite song? - Always on My Mind, Pet Shop Boys. The one song I can never get tired of.
Something you do when bored? - Fill in silly memes... :-)

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