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I wish I wasn't having to blow my nose every so often. Although it's better now than it was this morning...

I also wish I wasn't stuck in the middle of nowhere. The nearest Domino's is in Carlisle, and it's collection only. Same for Toby's and Nando's. There's a KFC in Penrith, but in this weather? No thanks. If I want to eat anything, realistically, I shall have to cook it myself. Okay that's the whole point of self-catering anyway, but right now...nope. I could have a bowl of cereal, that doesn't involve much cooking...

Speaking of the weather, I don't particularly like learning that there's a red weather warning effecting the north west of England, 'cos that sounds non-specifically right where I am.

Am pretty determined to leave the cottage tomorrow. If only so I can be somewhere that's got 3G connectivity instead of GPRS. But, I think I'm now in danger of going stor crazy. Weather, and my cold, permitting, I shall hopefully head to Carlisle. Or the Lakes Aquarium.

So that this post isn't all one long whinge, I'll just say: Borgen is brilliant, isn't it? Not, if I'm honest, the sort of genre I'd normally go for (I'm not even sure what genre it is - political Scandi-noir?) - not enough spaceships (which is also still my problem with Elementary), but I'm still finding it gripping and entertaining.

Also, WhoWatch is going well - I've listened to the first couple of episodes of Marco Polo...

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