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We Are Detective

I like detective dramas.

I don't watch them indiscriminately, but give me an episode of Inspector Morse, Lewis or Endeavour, and I'm a happy bunny. See also my newfound love of Scandi-drama - I adore The Bridge, and The Killing is on my "to watch" pile.

For some reason, though - and even before its "oh dear, one of our producers is a bit racist" revelation a few years ago - I've always considered Midsomer Murders a bit of a guilty pleasure. I don't know why, particularly - well, I don't know why the "guilty" part, I don't really have to justify finding TV programmes that were meant to entertain people entertaining, to myself or anyone else! But yes. It's quite nice to watch a few episodes on ITV Player...I'm currently watching the The Killings of Copenhagen Danish crossover episode, which co-stars one of the regulars from Borgen (Birgitte Hjort Sørensen).

Mind you, I miss Jason Hughes...

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