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*blows dust off LJ*

I've been a bad boy, ignoring LJ in favour of Facebook. Which, since my LJ posts all crosspost to LJ anyway (and I don't yet know of any way to get the opposite to happen), is rather remiss of me. I kind of started this LJ primarily to keep a diary, which I still do (albeit mostly in Private posts), so I really want to get back into the habit of making LJ entries, ideally on a daily basis.

One thing I thought I'd try was based on my current hobby, which is digitising my 7" singles collection. This is proving fun - I'm working on five a day, which seems manageable, and every five throws up at least one song that's a major blast from the past, so I thought...okay, post a nostalgic song a day!

This one is actually from the batch of singles I worked on on Thursday. And, okay, the video is really rather naff and embarrassing (the song itself less so, IMO) - it's rather cheesy and you can just tell that the guy prancing around with the bass guitar has never even met a bass guitar before in his life, and the vocals sound a lot better on the version used for the single. On the other hand, it'll ring instant bells with many people of A Certain Age. I know I used to watch Fame a fair bit back in the 1980s. I can't remember if it was a very regular part of my TV diet, but I'm pretty sure I found it enjoyable. I'm sorely tempted to track it down on DVD (apparently the first two series have been released). But it's always possible I might end up disappointed. On the basis of this video, I might well be...

Anyway, here y'go:


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