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April the seventh be with you.

When it comes to "DVD extras that missed a trick," the absence of iso-scores on the Star Wars DVDs (and indeed Blu-Rays) is probably close to the top of the pile (the similar absence on the Lord of the Rings discs would also be up there).

On a related note, am slightly miffed that although (as far as I can tell) the scores to both Star Wars* and The Empire Strikes Back are available in the iTunes store, Return of the Jedi is strangely absent. Still, the CD's available fairly cheaply. As I've ripped both Lapti Nek and the original Ewok Celebration track from my old vinyl copy, once I get the CD I'll be as close as possible to having the complete original score, AFAIK…

*No. Sorry. I refuse to call it A New Hope. I have standards, for goodness sake...
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