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This was going to be a question...

…but then I thought, no, I have some Google-Fu - let's see if I can actually use it…

When I was a child, I had a toy that was a blue plastic gadget shaped a bit like a movie camera that you could load with a cartridge that played clips of films…if memory serves me I had one cartridge that was a clip from Bambi, and another that had a clip involving Mickey Mouse and Goofy (possibly other characters as well) in a caravan whose interior dimensions went all sorts of weird as they trundled along a mountain path. You had to turn a manual handle to move the film on, so you could see the film very very fast or very very slowly, depending on your preference (or, of course, at something approaching the correct speed)…also, the clips played in silence, because, well, no tech involved to play any sound on...

Which isn't really a great deal to go on, is it? Certainly not if you're looking for what to type into Google to find if anyone else had/remembers the things.

However, as luck would have it, after a bit of refining of search terms, I found that it was called a "Movie Viewer", and in the UK was made by a company called Mettoy (Fisher Price in the USA).

A pictures of the Blue Disney one can be found on Flickr here (and further information, including a picture of a Yellow one with a Spiderman cartridge here). There's even one at the V&A (in storage, sadly!).

This, youngsters, was our generation's equivalent of the VHS, DVD, or Blu-Ray!

Oh, and - that clip of Mickey and Goofy in a caravan?

Man, this is getting me seriously nostalgic!!!

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