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So, last week on Facebook, I shared this little ditty:

Five small aquatic birds of the family Anatidae propelled themselves over a body of H2O during a specific diurnal period of 24 hours,
Across a series of natural elevations in the earth's surface and further into the distance.
Their maternal unit, on four occasions, made the sound typically associated with their species, in its onomatopaeic representation.
However, merely four small aquatic birds of the family Anatidae returned.

For those of you who are wondering, it's the "why use one syllable when half a dozen will suffice" version of "Five Little Ducks"...

Anyhew, today, as I was going to sign on, I saw the five little ducks. Plus another one who might well be mummy duck:

I probably ought to start taking bread with me when I go to sign on, there are a lot of ducks and geese by the little mini-river that flows between the car park and the town centre... (Some of the geese were fighting each other this afternoon...)

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