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Lego geekery...

…so, just built the spaceship part (but not the rest) of Lego 928, aka proto-Benny's spaceship, spaceship, SPACESHIP!!!. *ahem* So far, ten pieces either missing or broken. Not bad, especially considering a.) its age and b.) the fact that the pieces for it, and most of my other Lego sets, are a bit higgledy piggledy and it was quite an interesting challenge (some are sorted - by my mum - by item shape, some by item colour, some, but not this, as whole sets, in bags rather than their original boxes, some - apparently - not at all). It's possible that some of those ten missing bits are still in the collection somewhere (well, no - two of them are definitely broken, and one of them is so wonky that it may as well be broken). However, for the time being, off to Bricklink to order replacement parts. Hopefully not too expensive...

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    Fri, 22:08: @ RevRichardColes congratulations to you and the rest of your team on a well deserved University Challenge win.

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