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I've been a bad boy.

I haven't posted an update to this LJ thing since May.

That's, what...four months.

That's after deciding that I was going to get back into making LJ my main blog. So what did I do? Defected to Facebook, that's what I did.

Mmm. Not good.

So, I'm going to try to post an entry a day here, catching up with some of the backlog of stuff I've not posted on LJ over the past few months, and also posting about current stuff. It's meant to be my sort-of-a-diary, so here we go.

Most recent important thing - Sarah and I have just spent the weekend in Coventry at writerconuk. Writercon UK is a wonderful small-scale convention, and despite the name is not just for writers - artists, betas, vidders, readers, and anyone else involved in the creative side of fandom is welcome at the event (last year, Sarah did a presentation about cosplaying, taking her wonderful Beachcomber with her, all foam board and sticky backed plastic and wood and velcro: ).

The membership is small (apparently 26 is the most people who have ever been present at an event), which makes it wonderfully intimate and friendly. Unlike other conventions, we have our meals together, provided by the hotel (albeit at a slight extra charge over the convention cost itself), and there are no star guests - it's all about panels/discussions/activities (this weekend's talks were about "Fanfic as a conversation" and "writing dialogue," as well as "Pimp your fandom" [I pointed out how wonderful Crime Traveller and how it would be nice if there were more people in its fandom] and more activity based workshops on "making bearable fic from Mills and Boon summaries" [bearable, but undeniably crack fic] and "Bad!Fic"). And cocktails. The first Writercon UK that I went to was in May 2014 (where the evening activities involved sitting in the bar and mocking the Eurovision song contest. :-) ) I already knew hils and tlanti, and went with huntingospray, but - despite my inherent shyness - I made friends with other folks there, including gillo, curiouswombat, and lilachigh, amongst many others.

The convention starts on the Friday evening (I made it there just in time for kazzy_cee's quiz, which was good fun - I walked through the door and was greeted enthusiastically by Hils and Tlanti and joined their team, which won with a whopping 90 points on account of Hils, in her own words, "watching too much TV." I think this is utter nonsense and there is no such thing as too much TV). Sarah came down later - I'd driven straight up from Hemel, whereas Sarah had come up by train after work, and had only booked her ticket fairly recently, which meant that until a certain point in the evening the fares were something like £100, until they went down to more manageable prices like £20. Sometimes I doubt her commitment to Sparkle Motion Writercon... *ahem*

The the convention runs throughout Saturday and into Sunday, with the reading of the Bad!Fic, the AGM, and the raffle (we all get a ticket in our goodie bags). Sadly, because Sarah had commitments on the projection rota at church this morning, we had to leave straight after breakfast. However, last night we'd got into late night discussion - Gillo and Curiouswombat are both stepping down from their committee positions as Chair and Treasurer respectively, and I said, after some deliberation, that I'd happily put myself forward for either of those positions if nobody else stepped in. Hils, apparently, is the new Chair, but my volunteering for Treasurer has been accepted in my absence. So that's going to be an exciting challenge. If it were a bigger convention, I don't think I'd have volunteered, but the fact that it's so small seems (I hope) to make it more manageable.

Anyway. Yeah. That's my latest news - my "what I did on my holiday in Coventry by David Brider, aged 44 3/4," if you like. :-) More to come tomorrow. I promise.

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