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David Brider [userpic]

The Man Jesus

September 17th, 2014 (12:01 pm)

Off to see this, starring the utter legend that is Simon Callow, later today at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre with some of the folks from Hemel Hempstead Methodist Church.

I was thinking it'd be kind of nice to do a bit of stage dooring after the show, and - as Mr Callow has been in Doctor Who, way back in Christopher Eccleston's series - the ideal item to get signed would be the DWM Special Edition Series One Companion

(this: ), which is my default autograph book for anyone involved in that series. Rather annoyingly, though, I've got Sarah's copy of it (I can tell it's her's, because it contains several autographs dedicated to Sarah) but not my own (in which, amongst other things, John Barrowman has signed, "from the captain of the innuendo squad"). I mean, I can always get Sarah's copy signed - what's her's is mine and what's mine's my own, as the saying goes - but it'll be annoying if I can't find my copy.

Whatever else happens, though, I can always get my DVD of Chance in a Million signed... :-)