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I'm actually a bit excited right now.

Earlier today, I was transferring the contents of a few DVD-Rs to my external hard drive, on the sensible basis that It Saves A Lot Of Space. One of the things I was transferring was the old Tony Hawks programme One Hit Wonderland, based on his book of the same name. Sadly, my copy of it, originally recorded by my mum back on its first and possibly, so far, only airing on The Discovery Channel back in summer 2002, is in a hopeless state - missing one of the seven episodes, and the ones that I've got are mostly incomplete in varying degrees. So, as I often do whenever I think about the programme, I did a search online to see if by any chance someone with a complete copy of it might have decided to upload it to Youtube or some other less than licit location; or even better, if it's being released on a legitimate commercial DVD.

No joy there.

But I did find that, joy of joys, it's being repeated by this digisatcable channel. Sadly, I've missed the first episode, and am just an hour in time for the second (3:30pm...can't come soon enough...), but suffice it to say I've set the Sky+ Box to record what's left of the whole series...and will then be digitising the whole lot asap.

Am very definitely a rabbit of positive euphoria!!!

(And if, by any chance, anyone out there can supply me with a complete copy of the first episode, I'll be an even happier bunny!!!)

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