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Oh dear. :-(

I appear to have an ill bunny of a Sarah right now. She started to feel a bit unwell last night - feverish, upset tummy, a bit sort of cold-y/flu-y. Reckons she might have got some sort of virus. Probably doesn't help that she went into work today despite feeling bad this morning. I have put my foot down with both hands and given her stern instructions (yeah, like that'll help..!) not to go into work tomorrow unless she's feeling better. Meanwhile, I've just made her a makeshift meal (bread & marge with some lemon & lime marmalade - man, I'd forgotten how lovely that stuff smells! - and also a chunk of cheese. Hopefully not to be eaten with the bread, marge, and L&L marmalade, but you never know...) and she's headed up to bed.

Hopefully she'll have a sound night's sleep and wake up feeling much better in the morning, but could I please ask all the folks out there who are in any way pray-y types to say a few words to your deity(ies) of choice, and if you're not pray-y types, to send v-hugs and good vibes down the interwebz. Thanks.

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