David Brider (davidbrider) wrote,
David Brider

You know you're...

...a bit of a hardcore Doctor Who fan when - where other people might sing a pop song that's on their mind - you find yourself humming a bit of Doctor Who incidental music from 1980. (Specifically, a bit from The Leisure Hive. If I had the relevant CD ripped to iTunes, I could tell you exactly which bit. Like you're interested...)

Mind you, that's nothing to last night, when I had a dream that I was trying to impress a complete stranger with my diehard fannish credentials by playing that harpsichord bit from Paddy Kingsland's score for The Visitation on our church Clavinova (on which gorgeous beast the harpsichord setting, like most of the voices, is absolutely brilliant...). I'm not saying I have some weird dreams or anything, but...
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