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These guys...

...absolutely rock.

Thanks to Sheffield Space Centre, I have a copy of jmswallow's novel Hammer and Anvil (see this post) which has set me back a mere £7:99 (+£1:50 p&p), instead of the £sillymoney it was going for on Amazon (even the price of the one copy on eBay, or the official eBook copy, were higher), which arrived this morning, which is not a bad little delivery service given that I only actually ordered it on Friday.

Thanks to all those who offered alternatives to the Amazon Marketplace prices, and especially to flickums for putting the word round on her Facebook that I was seeking a copy, and also to her friend Daniel for spotting copies from the series in the shop, 'phoning to check which specific books they had, and asking them to put a Hammer and Anvil aside for me. You guys totally rock as well!!!

(And as I don't have a Sisters of Battle icon, or even a generic WH40K one, have a Sisters of Mercy one instead. Because Sisters of Mercy also rock.)

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