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Ey oop, our lass...

There's a character in the book I'm currently reading called Julie Goodyear. Not, as far as I can tell, that Julie Goodyear, although she is a Brit (described as "a research historian from Cambridge University on her first dive," with no mention of her coming from Weatherfield...^_^) which suggests either a.) the author didn't do a very thorough Britpicking or b.) parents with a bit of a cruel sense of humour. I suspect a.), because there's a later reference to a "parking lot" near Liverpool Street station. Which is wrong because a.) we'd call them "car parks," and b.) I'm not really aware of any car parks near Liverpool Street. Mind you, that could be because a.) I never drive into London and b.) even if I did I'd be way too impoverished to be able to afford any car parks in that neck of the wood. It'd probably be an NCP, after all...

That's a lot of a.)s and b.)s...

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