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Books, etc.

The past few days, I've been getting back into Librarything, which is, quite frankly, a wonderful tool for cataloging all of ones books.

I have...discovered is the wrong word. I have confirmed what I already knew. Which is this: I have far, far too many books in my "pile of books waiting to be read". Actually, it's not a pile. It's three piles. Well, three large stacks. And because they're rather in danger of toppling over because they're so darned large, they're probably going to be four large stacks instead. There's a lot of them. 58, in total. I may, at some point, provide photographic evidence. But in the meantime, thanks to Librarything's tagging system, I can demonstrate what they look like, virtually, right here.

I hereby make a solemn commitment:

I'm not going to buy any more books until I've made some kind of significant progress with the "to be read" stacks/piles/whatever.

I'm also not going to buy any more Big Finish Doctor Who CDs until I've made some progress listening to the ones I've got (because I've got a complete run up to, I think, number 106 in the main range, but my listening is at somewhere around number 29). Neither, for the time being, am I going to buy any more DVDs until...well, let's see if I can get through all ten seasons of Stargate SG-1, at least. Same with Blu-Rays. Bottom line is, I have enough in the area of personal entertainment to keep me entertained for some considerable time without buying any more...

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