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When I was in hospital...

...I was told a little...mnemonic? About blood sugar levels. "Five (or it might have been four) to seven is heaven; seven to nine is fine." Since Monday - when I've been meticulously on my pill-taking regime - I've also been meticulously checking my blood sugar levels regularly. I'm quite pleased to report that up until yesterday evening, they'd all been in the range 7 - 8. Yes, it's still technically a bit higher than is absolutely desirable, but I've known it to be in the mid - high teens when I was really not taking care of it, so 7 - 8 is quite an improvement. (When I was in hospital, I was informed that over the month preceding my going into hospital, my HbA1C level was ludicrously high - in the 20s or 30s, as I recall. Which...well, I don't know much about these things, but that's bad.) Yesterday evening's was actually 4.4, which was kind of worrying (it's the lowest I've known it to be), but I know it has to be consistently lower than that to be really concerning.

But anyway, I've just taken a check, and it's 6.7 right now. That feels...pretty good.

And the foot is, gradually, on the mend.
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