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iTunes CDDB genres being weird again...

When (or indeed if) you think of Paul Hardcastle - he of 19, Don't waste my time, and The Wizard - what musical genre springs to mind? 'Cos when I popped his best known album - the one containing the first two of those songs, and others of similar ilk - into my computer, the CD database that autofills the CD information reckoned that the genre was "jazz".

Now, I know that - in a fairly lengthy career - Mr Hardcastle has, indeed, recorded much music in the jazz genre, but I'm not really sure that this particular album could really be called jazz in any meaningful sense. Nor even "crossover jazz" or "acid jazz," which Wikipedia suggests as the album's genres (along with "Boogie" and "dance-pop"). I dabbled with Wiki's other suggestion of "electro" before finally going with "synthpop," which is how I generally label Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, early Depeche Mode, and other music along those lines, although for this album I wonder if electronica might be a closer match.

But, just wondering what other folks think?


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