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So, two down...

...56 to go.

Finished Rivers of London today (indeed, about five minutes ago). What can I say - it's a brilliant book, such terrific fun - I can't quite believe it's taken me so long to read it (I've owned it for nearly four years, as I got it signed by Ben at Redemption 2011). It's a great piece of urban fantasy, with lots of humour, great a lovely fluid first person prose style, (it kind of reminds me of Rowling - it seems effortless, but you just know that a lot of thought has gone into each and every word), great descriptive passages that really make you feel like you're there in the middle of the scene. I particularly love - possibly because it's in such stark contrast to the Clive Cussler novels I'd been reading immediately before this one - Aaronovitch's way of giving you the history of some of the places we visit in the story. In Cussler's work, it reads as if he's copy and pasted information from Wikipedia - it's dry and passionless - whereas here, it manages to convey the enthusiasm of someone who knows and loves the places he's writing about. Also, some lovely characterisation - I genuinely fell in love with many of the characters over the course of the book. Even Molly and Toby. I look forward eagerly to reading the rest of the series - I'm moving straight onto Moon over Soho, although the rest won't come until much later - I don't own books three, four and five (well, five hasn't been published yet) and I'm not buying any more until I've made a sufficient dent in the "to read" pile.

Still, two down isn't a bad start...
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