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I have one of these:

It's a foot guard. It exists for the sole purpose* of keeping my foot dry whilst bathing showering. As a result of which, this morning I had my first actual proper honest-to-god shower since...well, it would have been in the hotel at Nineworlds, after which I had my foot incident, went to hospital, had the operation, and have had bandages on it ever since and been told to keep it dry.** That felt rather refreshing.

This morning was basically a marketing/promotional morning set up by the holiday company we're with. Which was a bit dull, but the important point was that we've been with the company for four years now and we've only been on holiday with them twice. It'd be kind of nice to use up the points we've been accruing. We're planning on coming back to this place in Cornwall in the week after Christmas (starting Monday 29th December, returning Friday 2nd January), and will probably invite Sarah's mum, and my mum and stepdad, to join us. Then we'll be sorting out next year's main holiday (a post-Dysprosium trip to Greece) through one of the company's affiliates. That's definitely going to be with Rita.

This afternoon was spent chillaxing (Sarah went out for a brief walk round the grounds). Mobile 'phone signal round this place is...non-existent, except in the restaurant where there's a booster box. So over lunch I was able to give my mum a call and wish her a belated happy birthday. It was her, and my niece Eleni's, birthday yesterday. We dropped off presents when we saw mum and Malcolm last Sunday, and sent them cards during the week (which was surprisingly organised for us me. We gave mum the Bergerac DVD boxed set, and - after watching Tangled on Netflix and thinking that something like that would be ideal for Eleni (who's now 6), a bit of consultation with mum revealed that actually Frozen (which was my second idea) would go down a treat. When I was buying the cards I found sixth-birthday specific one with a picture of Elsa on it, so I decided to get that for her. Figured that would go down well.

Despite the lack of mobile signal, there's decent wifi, and I've been able to download last night's HIGNFY, QI and Lewis - watched QI this afternoon and I've got HIGNFY on now. (Sara Pascoe's entertaining. She's going to be appearing at our local theatre later this year. Might go to see her.)

Drove down to the local town Wadebridge this evening to the Bridge Bistro for dinner, having found the information and some positive reviews on Tripadvisor. The positive reviews were well-deserved, IMO - lovely food, great service.

Tomorrow we're going to head off to the Eden Project, which I've never been to and Sarah's only been to once back when it was all fairly new, and I've never been to at all, so that'll be interesting to go to. We were also thinking of going to Heligan, but we've decided that rather than rush things tomorrow, as we're coming back here again we can go and see it later. I imagine that our respective mothers will be interested to join us for that.

Now. Just got time to watch Doctor Who. :-)

*Geddit? "Sole purpose". Foot. Do you see what I did there? Oh, never mind...

**Don't worry, I have been washing. Just not been able to have a proper shower.

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