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Meet Deefa

So, a couple of weeks back I was in London meeting kharma2815, aka Emma, for one of our sporadic trips to the cinema (to see the rather enjoyable The Maze Runner, as it happens). And she gave me a knitted cuddly Dalek. She'd said a while back that she'd knit one for me - and indeed, had knitted one for me that the dog ate (!), but this one managed to escape the dog's clutches. Her dad, apparently, commented that it was a bit battered-looking. Emma just said it had been beaten up by Ace with a baseball bat. :-) I just think it's cute, and it's joined my menagerie of cuddly toys (Ted, William Patrick Beeblebear, Pieter Rand the Wolf, Melody Pond Otter, and Kelmarsh Otter). I gave Emma the challenge of naming it, and her suggestion was Deefa, which has stuck. Deefa Dalek, you see? (I've suggested to Sarah a similar naming pattern for any children we might have - Beefa Boy, Jeefa Girl, Ifor Indeterminate; strangely, she doesn't like the idea...)

Anyway, I also have, on my iPad, a Ring Modulator app, which reproduces the same effects used by voice artists from Peter Hawkins through Roy Skelton to Lord Nicholas "we're not worthy" Briggs himself, to give voice to the Daleks. So Deefa is able to introduce himself to you.

Welcome, Deefa.

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