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You know that thing where...

...you've bought a couple of CDs solely for the contribution they can make to your collection of every UK number one single ever, and once you've ripped the relevant tracks to mp3 you really have no earthly use for them whatsoever?

Or, quite conceivably, you don't know that thing where. But anyway.

What, I guess, I'm trying to say is

a.) if anyone wants a copy of Happy Days - the best of Robson and Jerome and Unbreakable - The Greatest Hits of Westlife Volume 1*, they're going free to a good home**,


b.) please don't judge me.


*Did they ever release a volume 2..?!

**Or indeed to a really really bad home. Quite frankly, if you want to use them as ashtrays it's fine by me. The only reason I don't put them to such a purpose is that neither Sarah nor I smoke...

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