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Soul Boys of the Western World

I remember the first time I saw Spandau Ballet. I wasn't into pop music for pretty much the first half of the 1980s, so I suspect Antonia was watching Top of the Pops, and Spandau came on. The song was True. Tony Hadley was wearing a very smart suit (I recall it being grey*), and I remember thinking, hang on, aren't pop stars supposed to be a bit...I dunno, punk? Scruffy?

That was then, this is now. I never got into the whole Duran vs. Spandau thing. Nowadays I like them more or less equally, although I actually, like, own an album by Duran Duran (mind you, I'm thinking of picking up the new Spandau Ballet best of album at some point; or at least putting it on my Christmas wish list).

My copy of Soul Boys of the Western World arrived this morning. I'm finding it a really fascinating insight into both the band, and the time in which they were formed and performing. I mean, I was alive in the late '70s/early '80s, but I was young and not really terribly socially or politically aware. So seeing the genesis and early years of the band set against, for example, the winter of discontent is a real eye opener. (Mind you...I keep wanting to chuck a brick at the TV screen every time bl**dy Thatcher turns up. Good job there are no bricks in the house, as we can't really afford a new TV...)

By the way, I utterly adore this song:

* Well, in this clip - from the Christmas 1983 TOTP - Tony's in a black suit. But the Kemps are in grey. Of course, this might not be the performance I remember, so it's possible my memory might be right...

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