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That syncing feeling

An object lesson in frustration. As I've said, just recently I've been ripping a whole load of DVD-Rs to divx, so as to back up the divx files on our external hard drive and then dispose of the DVD-Rs (because, quite frankly, we have loads of the perishing things and they're cluttering up the house)*.

Just got to The Unique Dave Allen, and...five episodes of it were fine, absolutely dandy.

One episode, though...I've had some rips with sync problems. Most of them, are fine up to a particular point, and that point is normally characterised by some sort of video offlock - the whole screen dissolves into static for a couple of frames, and once the image recovers the sound is out of sync by a handful of frames, so in iMovie I can just detach the audio, split it at the offlock point, and then drag it to the right until the sync locks back in. Simple, more or less.

Not this one, though. It started off in good sync, but by the end of the episode, it was...I lost count by the end, but I reckon at least a dozen frames out of sync. No noticeable point at which it happened, it just gradually worsened as the episode progressed. In the end, all I could do was break it down scene by scene (shot by shot would have been just too tedious...) and every so often think, "ooh, it's got worse," and change the sync slightly from that point on...

If it turns out it's a.) on DVD, b.) on Youtube or c.) on a torrent site, I won't be amused after putting that effort in... (Actually, maybe that should have been the first thing I thought to check...)

* On which note - does anyone want a whole load of slimline jewel cases?

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