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Family photos

I was going through some old photos and found these, which include some of my dad. They're from my grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary - we went to a pub/restaurant place in Hutton (where we were also temporary joined by Neil Ruddock - he wasn't part of our group, he just happened to be in the same restaurant. I only know who he was because I remember he was a sportsman who'd been on I'm a Celebrity...get me out of here shortly beforehand, so was able to look it up on Wiki - otherwise, I wouldn't stand a chance!), and then later at my aunt Lynn's house where we did a little "This is your life" to celebrate Joyce & Cyril's 60th wedding anniversary. Happy times.

Just uploaded them on Facebook and then had a little check and it turned out I'd already uploaded them onto Photobucket and shared them here under a F'lock. Re-doing the entry now with some helpful annotations for those who don't know the family...

My sisters Emma and Jessica

My aunt Gwyn and uncle George

Dad with his wife, Joan

Jessica again, with my cousin Chris

Me, with flowers growing out of my shoulder.

My cousin Karen and her fella (at the time - I don't think they're together any longer) Rich

My grandma and grandpa, with picture of her Maj. (Yes, you get a card from the queen on your 60th wedding anniversary. You have to ask for it, but...)

Rich, Chris, Karen and Jess.

Dad, doing his best Eamonn Andrews impersonation.

Emma on Powerpoint duties.

Grandma & Grandpa cutting the cake

Karen with her daughter Louise


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