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Bits and bobs

For a little while, I've had this song on my mind:

Today I had a drive down to Ley Hill and back for our church away day (a challenging but encouraging day, about which I'll probably blog in some depth later), so I bunged ABBA Gold onto my iPad and listened to last chunks of it (including Super Trouper on the drive there and back.

The drive there was pleasant (if overcast and windswept) and in daylight - the only time I can recall when I've gone to daylight. Which is a pity, as it's quite a pleasant place. Sadly, by the time I got to head back, the weather had taken a turn for the rainy, and also night in the process of falling (albeit not quite actually fallen). So yeah. Less pleasant.

I'm sure there's a technical difference between a "primitive Methodist" and...well, any other sort of Methodist, but it just makes me think of, I dunno, a bunch of Methodists who still live in caves and need Kal and Za to make fire for them.

Last December, my sister (Antonia) and her family got me an Amazon gift voucher - £30:00, which I've been using in the past few days to fill in some gaps in my CD collection - loads of stuff that's dead cheap on the Used & New Marketplace thing. The first of the haul arrived today - Erasure by, erm, Erasure. If memory serves me I did actually have an illicit copy of it on cassette back in the day, but that was the album where I started to go off the boil where Erasure was concerned (if not with the previous album I Say, I Say, I Say, which I did have a legit copy of), and I've sort of decided to at least get hold of and listen to the missing albums. So it's nice to now own a proper copy of it.

That's almost all for the moment.

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