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David Brider

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I don't usually cosplay...

I don't mind cosplay - far from it, and I've got the greatest respect and admiration for people who put loads of effort and money into making costumes as screen accurate (or just plain innovative and inspired) as possible, but as a general rule of thumb that effort and money isn't something I've normally got much of to expend on dressing up. My "generic Doctor" costume is testament to that - it's just whatever suit I've got to hand with a waistcoat, cravat, sonic screwdriver and pocket watch.


I'm sorely tempted to try cosplaying as Missy.

Yeah. What d'you reckon, folks? I mean, okay, I'm six foot tall, 18 1/2 stone, but...I reckon I might be able to pull it off. Maybe for Redemption 2015..?
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