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Good day.

Went to Milton Keynes today (which, as a point of trivia, may be the first time I've gone back there - as opposed to driving through or popping into Newport Pagnell services since Ye Olde Being Made Redundant Thing back in January), for Collectormania. It was the first of these types of conventions I've been to - my sort tend to be either single fandom specific cons (normally, but not exclusively, Doctor Who) or the fannish cons like EasterCon, Redemption, etc. So this was a bit different. I went largely because my friend Cassie (badfalcon) had mentioned she was going there and was squeeing about Amanda Tapping (Sam Carter from Stargate) being there, and as I've recently been getting into Stargate, I decided I might go and join her.

So, yeah, met up with Cassie and her friend Shona, with whom I hung around all day, and had a generally pretty enjoyable time - mooched around the dealers hall, wished I had more money, went to the autograph section and got Amanda Tapping's signature on my Stargate SG-1 DVD collection, had lunch at the nearby Frankie & Benny's, admired some wonderful model R2-D2s made by these people as well as some generally marvellous cosplaying that was going on all day (including an excellent Chewbacca, a Black Widow, a Minion, several stormtroopers, and a Jawa who was...a little tall to be a Jawa...). Went to the "getting photos taken" section and had my photo taken with Ms. Tapping, and then Cassie and Shona and I said our goodbyes and went our separate ways, me to Hemel, and Cassie and Shona back to Telford.

Yeah. Generally, it was a pleasant day, although I'm now feeling a bit zonked and will be heading for bed soon.

There are pictures here:

Me and Amanda Tapping:

Me and Cassie:

This has to happen as a t-shirt, poster, or something:


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