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Today's linkspam

'Star Wars' Returns to London's Pinewood Studios - mainly sharing this because of the rather beautiful picture of the Millennium Falcon, but also it's rather exciting to think that as well as episodes VII, VIII and IX every couple of years, they're going to be interspersed with spin-off films, the first in 2016...

The Distraction Club Christmas Extravaganza 2014. If the money works out, I'd quite like to go to this.

Call to rethink Remembrance Day in schools. Although, why limit it to schools?

On which note, Enough with the poppy-pushing.

And, Tower of London poppies obliterated by machine guns. [SATIRE]

5 Things you didn't know about LEGO. NB: The plural of Lego is Lego. Not Legos. US-ians, please take note...

Jamie the very worst missionary. Just a blog that looked kind of interesting.

Epic Con? Well, That’s How Some Guests, Vendors And Attendees Seem To Describe It... When conventions go horribly wrong, basically...

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