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Bits and bobs.

Somebody, rather wonderfully, has put together a CGI Lego version of the Matt Smith/Peter Capaldi regeneration scene. I'll be in the corner. Crying. A bit.

As I seem to have started designing...well, designs for...well, things (although T-shirts is the intention) I've been looking at branching out in my skillset when it comes to GIMP. These tutorials are for Photoshop, but I've been able to translate them with fairly good results:

(Need to remember to do the Gaussian blur...)

Speaking of which, I can be found here on Redbubble. New additions include this Gene Hunt/Daleks mashup, which I made using the first of those two videos, this QI-inspired design, and this rather lonesome Sapphire and Steel one (well, there are two other S&S designs on the site...so fairly lonesome). If anything you like takes your fancy, please do pop over and buy it. Or recommend stuff to people you know who might like it.

The good thing about Livejournal - by contrast with, say, Facebook - is that you know nobody's likely to be sharing posts by Britain First. Here, though, thanks to Team EBF (Exposing Britain First), are a couple of videos of BF making absolute pratts of themselves in Rochester:

Rochester, November 1st 2014

A day out in Rochester, from yesterday or Saturday, I think. As the person from Team EBF who reposted it (it was originally on BF's site) says - "I'm astonished that any political party would show people this video and try and spin it so that it made them look good".

From Tom Pride's blog - A Daily Mail journalist is trolling my friends. Has to be seen to be believed. Why do people still buy the Daily Mail? Hateful little tat rag that it is...

In a complete change of tone, I found a couple of videos from the Nordicana convention back in February. These made me really really nostalgic for a fun (if slightly poorly organised) convention. Really hoping there'll be another Nordicana next year. Really hoping I'll be able to go there if there is one.

Kim Bodnia and Sofia Helin being interviewed:

Sofia Helin interview:

On which note, have a picture of me and Sofia from Nordicana:

We were told that there would definitely be a The Bridge/Broen series 3. Looking forward to that.

Another change of subject - a couple of open source fonts for people with dyslexia, here and here. May be of interest to some people I know.

Not gonna lie - I don't really "do" Hallowe'en. I'm sure it's great fun for those who like it, but as I don't really like horror, etc., I guess I'm not really the intended demographic. To each their own, etc. But what I really don't get is the way - and it seems to be mainly a US thing, but one that's sort of gaining traction over here - that it seems to be just an excuse for any old fancy dress, regardless of how tenuous (or, indeed, nonexistent) the link may be with anything to do with Hallowe'en. For example, this (albeit admittedly not labelled as for Hallowe'en, but posted around various social networking sites as a possibility for the event) "Delicious Women's Phd Darling Sexy Costume". Still, there's always this page of reviews of the costume by women with actual PhDs. (Allegedly. I suspect many, if not most, have their tongue firmly in their cheek about their qualifications and, indeed, everything else to do with it...)

Wow. I'm down to half a dozen tabs open in Firefox. Achievement unlocked!

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