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Does anyone else...

...have these sorts of calls? Just received one. Really annoying. I don't know if they're answerable to the TPS or not. To be honest, I was rather surprised when I 1471'd and the number came up (I'm used to these sorts of calls being "number withheld" or something of that nature). (Further information here. Must admit, I'm kind of surprised that it's a recorded voice, as it seemed like we having something of a conversation, even if it did get terminated when I pressed her for information on where exactly this alleged "accident" had taken place...)

Mind you, I'm not really sure what the actual scam would be. Presumably they're kind of relying on the recipient of the call being dumb enough to actually give them personal information which they can then use. Which...I can't see happening.

Oh well. 020 3634 9901. Make a note of it. Maybe some kind of action can be taken. Probably not, but y'never know...

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