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I feel a bit conflicted.

On the one hand, I'm a fairly tolerant liberal sort of person, and therefore, quite frankly, I think that everyone's entitled to their own opinions and beliefs and it's not for me to criticise them, particularly.

On the other hand, I'm a fairly tolerant liberal sort of person, and so some people's opinions and beliefs are pretty much anathema to me.

What this is leading up to is, in case you haven't heard, as a result of the by-election in Rochester and Strood, UKIP have another MP.

And I just...can't even begin to process this information. UKIP are basically Britain First in nice suits. They're racist, nationalist, homophobic, zenophobic bigots. There's no nice way to sugar coat that. It's not as if they make any secret of it. I mean, sure, sometimes one of their members will say something really really stupid in public and find himself out on his/her ear because it's not party policy to stand for those kind of opinions, but then those kind of opinions are reflected in their policies anyway, so...

The voters in Rochester and Strood who voted for Mr Reckless and actually support UKIP's views, I just feel profoundly angry that you've let the rest of the UK down like this. The ones who voted for Mr Reckless and don't support UKIP's views, go and read the sorts of things they stand for, ideally before the next general election. The ones who didn't vote for Mr Reckless, I feel deeply sorry for you...

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