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Just been...

...to Hoddesdon and back to register with an agency for a potential job out that way. Not a bad drive, all things considered, and I've worked out that of the various shifts on offer if I do the PM shift (3:00pm - 11:00pm) I should be able to avoid the worst of the rush hour traffic and fit in various medical appointments I've got lined up (which are mostly in mornings).

(Speaking of which, I have an appointment with the GP on December 18th. Yay. What a way to celebrate my birthday...)

The job's not definite yet, but here's hoping. It's not terribly intellectually challenging or anything, but hey, it'll be a job.

Listened to the Eurythmics greatest hits on the way there and back. Did I ever mention that this is one of my favourite songs? Well, it is. My favourite bit runs from 2:53 - 3:21*. Just sayin'.

*It's the guitar solo. It kicks serious ass, as they say. And deserves to be listened to with the volume pumped up very very high indeed...

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