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Well, you know how it is...

...you put things off for a day, next thing you know it's a hundred years later.

Or at least, in this case, a couple of weeks. Since this is actually stuff that I've been meaning to do since Collectormania. Just a collection of links to the various stallholders whose cards/flyers I picked up on the basis that just because I couldn't afford all the shiny when I was there, I might be able to do so at some unspecified time in the future...

Handmade By Me. Lots of pretty trinkets. Minions and SHIELD and Avengers logos. Yay!

Stonecircle Iconz - lots of geeky T-shirt designs.

Richard Goodall Gallery - film-inspired posters.

M & M Collectables - lots of signed photos and stuff.

MishPrint. More t-shirts.

Okay, well, I thought there were more than that, but anyway. Nice to get that out of the way.

ETA: Not from Collectormania, but I recently used this eBay company to replace one of three Pet Shop Boys 7" singles which had fallen victim to an attack of exploding strawberries. Punctual service, the record arrived in good condition, and they sell quite a range of...well, as the name suggests, Cool Stuff.

Cool Stuff Emporium.

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