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David Brider

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December is shaping up to be a full month...

So, apparently, plans for Sunday 14th December involve:

10:30am - Carol Service with Hemel Hempstead Methodist Church (i.e., our church) at Warners End Community Centre (because of the whole us not having an actual church building at the moment thing that I've whittered on about here before).

2:30pm - Carol service with the West Herts and Borders LGBT Fellowship group.

6:00pm - Carols by candlelight service at St. Alban church, Warners End, Hemel Hempstead*, followed by mince pies and general pre-Christmas social gathering round at the house of one of the HHMC members.

So basically, it's a good job I like Christmas carols, isn't it..? :-)

*I wonder if there's a Warners End Church in St. Albans..?
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