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Doctor Who music @MarkAyresRWS

So, my copy of this arrived last week.

Well, two copies technically - I bought one to keep and one with the hope of selling it, ideally at a profit (it originally sold at £135), on eBay. There was a copy with a Buy it Now price of £400, but it's gone now - the seller, IIRC, said it was being advertised elsewhere and they reserved the right to remove it. There's another copy for auction with a current price of £106. Be interested to see how much that goes for...

Anyhew, I digress. I've not listened to much of it (it's a very extensive collection - one disc for each Doctor, featuring a combination of originally composed music from the series' history, library music such as Three Guitars Mood 2 by the Arthur Nelson Group, used in the very first episode as the music Susan Foreman listens to on her iPod* where it was attributed to "John Smith and the Common Men"...

There are, though, some notable omissions. Some of those are, sadly, down to the Tapes Not Existing Any More - much of the '60s and '70s is a bit of a patchwork in that regard (mind you, despite an otherwise unblemished record in the '80s, there's also a notable omission with the score from Mindwarp, aka The Trial of a Time Lord episodes 5 - 8. In his notes, MArk Ayres reveals that the multitrack for episode 5 turned up in 2011 but was unplayable. So tantalisingly near, that so sadly far...). But other omissions...well, put it this way, most of the Davison, Colin Baker, and McCoy stories are represented by continuous suites of various lengths. Which makes sense - they had very few stories, all (bar the aforementioned Mindwarp) with full scores in existence...but even here there are some omissions (no suites for Time Flight and Terminus...in fairness, Roger Limb's music from that era can be a bit repetitive - to the extent that, admittedly without having checked, I'm convinced that much of Terminus' score is a straight repeat of that for The Arc of Infinity - but even so).

But...Tom Baker's final season is represented by various individual cues from the stories, no suites of continuous music. Again, some of this is understandable to an extent - The Leisure Hive, Meglos and Full Circle have all been released in their entirety anyway. But Logopolis, with its haunting, ethereal score (and occasionally rather funky wah-wah guitar stuff) by Paddy Kingsland, then on something of a high (it was broadcast a few weeks after The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy on TV, which he'd also scored) is I would suggest one of the most sought-after Doctor Who scores, but is here represented by some sound effects and a three minute section (three separate cues, I think) from the end of episode 4, covering the fourth Doctor's final moments as he's haunted by memories of past foes, then comforted by memories of past companions, before saying, "it's the end...but the moment has been prepared for" and regenerating into Peter Davison.

Why no suite?

Well, maybe it's a sign that there are plans for a full soundtrack release? Who knows? (MArk Ayres does, presumably...). But in the meantime, I just decided there was only one thing for it...although the score hasn't (yet) been released on CD, there's an isolated music track on the story's DVD release...which I decided to rip, and then compile into my own little (10 minutes 28 seconds) suite, which is now sitting pretty in my iTunes. And is designated track 37 out of the 38 track fourth Doctor disc**. And is very nice indeed, I must say. :-) Probably not quite the same suite that MArk would have done had he been doing it, but hey, we're all individuals.

Am a happy bunny now.

*Well, it looks like a transistor radio, but c'mon, she's a time traveller from another planet. Must have been an iPod disguised by its Chameleon Circuit to look less conspicuous...

**Yes, in reality the fourth Doctor disc is only 37 tracks long... :-)

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