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Another really happy-making thing!!!

And I mean really, really over the moon happy.

Back shortly after I got Maded Redundant, I bought the Stargate SG-1 DVD boxed set. That's a 60-disc colossus of a set containing every episode from all ten seasons, as well as Continuum and The Ark of Truth.

Because nothing's mentioned either on the boxed set packaging itself or over at Amazon, I assumed it was a totally vanilla release, but I wasn't too bothered about that. After all, I'd paid a mere £87:00 for a set containing 9,035 minutes of Stargate-y entertainment, which works out as a bit of a bargain whichever way you slice and dice it. I recently finished the second season, and the first two seasons had indeed been very very vanilla (they didn't even have subtitles, for goodness' sake), as I'd expected, but I've been vaguely meaning to check if I'm missing out on any goodies that I might have got had I bought the seasons individually.

And I've discovered that you can't always trust the boxed set sleeve or the Amazon listings, because actually I've got the full roster of bonus content without being aware of it!!! Those first two seasons are indeed vanilla, but for the rest of the run I've got a shedload of VAM* to look forward to, including loads of commentaries (eight by Ms. Amanda Tapping herself, four by Michael Shanks), featurettes and documentaries.**

This discovery really has made me extremely happy!!!


I think this calls for a repeat of that piccie of me and Amanda Tapping. Just because.

*Value Added Material.

**And the list on the Stargate wiki only goes as far as season 9, so who knows what I've got to look forward on season 10? Whenever I get there...

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