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Getting slightly festive

So, Sarah's off to Watford doing a Christmas present run. I'm having lunch which will be followed by starting work on writing Christmas cards. Anyone who'd like cards from chez Brider, feel free to leave a note in the comments, which will be screened. And if you're sending cards, please leave a link to where we can leave a note with our address.

Had a pleasant trip to the cinema yesterday (well, being there was good - getting there was a nightmare, thanks to an accident on the A41 which made all the traffic in and around Hemel pretty much static) with kharma2815 (Emma) to see Paddington (full review of sorts to follow later, but suffice it to say, it was absolutely excellent. If you like the sensibility of Aardman Animation's films, Paddington will be right up your street). This morning before getting ready for church I managed to get my bedroom floor tidied, which has left me with a sense of achievement. Hoping to get a bit more tidying and cleaning done this afternoon, in between Christmas card writing.

Also, have now watched the third episode of The Box of Delights. Am enjoying my pre-Christmas rewatch of it, and this is the first time in a while that I've made it as far as this episode, so there's a lot in it that feels a bit more fresh and exciting than the first two episodes, which I've watched a fair bit over the years.

However, my main watch at the moment is going to be Stargate SG-1. Want to make a bit of progress on season 3. Kind of hoping I might get that out of the way before Christmas. Maybe even get onto season 4.

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