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So, this happened.

DC Comics artist slams cosplayers.

And...I mean, okay, caveat - I'd never heard of him before now. Judge me or not as you like. Most of my convention going activities tend to revolve around TV/film interests. That said, I'm not a total ignoramus when it comes to graphic novels and comics (although most of the names I'd recognise tend to be writers rather than artists; that said, Charlie Adlard did some damned impressive work on the mid-90s X-Files comics...). And I guess, I can kind of see the objection that events titled "comic cons" are largely dominated by TV/film stuff nowadays - but not, to the best of my knowledge, to the exclusion of comics related guests. At a London event earlier this year, Stan Lee was a guest. A very prominent guest. No way was it, as Broderick characterises it, "'HUGE COSPLAY CONTEST' (oh, yeah… and Stan Lee)." Indeed, if anything from what I've seen, the event organisers don't really have to do...well, anything much to encourage cosplay. It just happens.

And I do have one minor objection to cosplay, which is that back in the day, when I was a child, it was just called "dressing up," and I'm not really sure we need the word "cosplay". But, I don't really regard that as an important objection to cosplay as a phenomenon. Let's not forget, my own dear huntingospray once did a damned impressive cosplay as Beachcomber (one of the lesser known Transformers), all foam board, sticky backed plastic, wood, duct tape, velcro, screws and...well, stuff. Looked amazing.

I'll just repeat the comment I left on someone else's FB page...

I don't cosplay myself, but I have the utmost respect for anyone who has the time, money, creativity and imagination to put together costumes inspired by their fandoms. To say they bring nothing to conventions is pure ignorance. At Collectormania MK a few weeks back, one of the most wonderful sights, among the many cosplayers wandering around the hall, was when Chewbacca gave Superman a cuddle. IIRC it elicited a cheer from those who saw it. Brings nothing of value to conventions? Pfft. Brings joy and fun and camaraderie.

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